About Us


The strength of the Katwalk comes from our customers, our products, and our marketing. Our product lines are an integral part in our desire to both establish and maintain our position as a true: Top Fashion Forward Retailer.  This commitment has taken us from a small Fredrick Road Dress shop to one of the leading fashion retailers we are today.

 For over two decades we have taken the responsibility to assure that every garment sold is well-designed and exquisitely constructed. This, along with the companies exceptional customer service, lead to an increase in demand for it’s hard to find products and therefore have created an industry leading boutique in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

 The Katwalk customer has developed her own personal fashion identity, finding a balance between fashion and the reality of her life. Smart and confident, witty and sophisticated, each is fashion conscious and a trendsetter. The Katwalk Customer, just like Katwalk itself is outgoing, independent, and strong. Katwalk products, advertising campaigns, and in-store events are unique and adventurous.  The essence of the company can be expressed in three words: Drive, Innovation and Quality.