How true is this Statement?


When we were kids  we loved to play dressup in our mother's clothes. As adults some like to try on outfits, others the dressing room is there worst enemy. But I can say for certain nothing beats looking in the mirror and you know your outfit, compliments you well. You Love that Amazing outfit you just unwrap from your favorite shop and can't wait to show it off. As a Fashion Buyer one of my favorite things to do is  pre-buy ahead of the Season so I always know which Collections my Customers will Favor and others I need to re-visit. 

While September just begun and pretty much hotter than ever, Fall  is almost upon us, and, honestly, winter will come around just as fast. Not to fast forward time or anything, but I personally can't wait for cozy sweater and hot chocolate. From fuzzy Coats to cute boots, what's not to love about winter fashion?

If you're looking for winter fashion trends for 2020 and 2021, browse these are the ones that dominated the runways during fashion week . (Yeah, remember fashion week? Me neither.) If you want to start getting your wardrobe together for the snowy days that will inevitably happen in a couple of months, these are the styles to keep in mind when shopping so you can be in the ~know.~ From fun patchwork pieces to classic textured cardigans, you'll be all bundled up for winter in no time. So keep tuned in for 10 stylish winter fashion trends that are bound to be a Big Hit this season.

1. Patchwork Pieces 

2. Cardigan Sweaters 

3. Fuzzy Fur Coats

4. Puff Sleeve Items 

5. Fashion Comfort Wear 

6. Oversize Checkered Design 

7. Color Pale Yellow 

8. Extra long fringe

9. Shearling Coats 

10. Tie dye Pieces